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Registry Wedding with Just Married Weddings

The appeal of a Registry Wedding is the simplicity, affordability and efficiency.
If you want a simple, easy and affordable wedding, but you would also like it to feel special, intimate and romantic,
we would love to look after you at Just Married Weddings.
We are the registry-style wedding experts.

A Registry Wedding (or Registry Marriage / Court-House Wedding as is it sometimes known) was probably your first thought when you decided you wanted to get married quickly/ simply and without spending a fortune... is that right?
Lucky you found Just Married Weddings!
Quick: With Just Married Weddings you can get married as quickly or even faster than you can at the Registry Office. Depending on where you live we can make it a whole lot quicker with our online form and no interviews. For a registry wedding at the Registry Office you usually have to attend for a meeting a month before your ceremony.
Simple: With Just Married the process couldn't be simpler. 1. Book online for your preferred time and location 2. Submit a one page form (NOIM) online. 3. Come along to your ceremony and get married.
Affordable: With Just Married Weddings the most you will pay is $350 We have no hidden extras. This is cheaper than the registry office's cheapest (weekday) appointments in most states. We also have incredible specials of $149 and $190 for certain appointment times, making us way more affordable than a registry wedding.

By the way - We totally understand that this can seem to good to be true.
If you have any doubts please don't hesitate to contact us for more information, or even just to speak to a human before you book. We are happy to chat, any time.