Maximum Guest Numbers

Just Married ceremonies are what some people might call ‘elopement style’ weddings. Or lately ‘micro-weddings’ is the language people are using.

Including your witnesses, photographers and yourselves you can have up to 20 people at your ceremony appointment. This includes children 5 years old and over.

At Just Married Weddings we are relaxed about most things but we can’t be relaxed about this. It’s a strict requirement as there are lots of important reasons for it. We are often asked about this rule so here’s the details:

  • The locations for our ceremonies are chosen for their intimacy and beauty – they are not suitable for large numbers of guests. We choose them for their convenience and sense of privacy. So they may not have ample parking, space or transport options for large numbers.
  • The wet weather options for most of our locations are small. While we hope it doesn’t rain on your day if it does we won’t be able to fit a large number of people under cover.
  • The locations are public places. Most public places allow public use of space for any purpose unless for organized group events over a certain number of guests. We can not possibly keep our ceremonies as affordable as they are if we go over our guests maximum. And we want to be considerate of other park users.
  • Our ceremonies are short sweet and intimate and all about the couple. Unlike traditional ceremonies, they are not really a show for the people watching, they are special moment in time for the bride and the groom.
  • The more guests the longer a ceremony takes. This may seem strange but in our experience someone is always late. Always. As much as we would like to we can’t wait for late guests and we will start on time.
  • Just Married Weddings ceremonies are unique. We tailor for the couples who want small, intimate and private ceremonies, who don’t want the fuss and expense of a traditional ceremony. There are many celebrants including some of our own who can create the right package for you if that’s what you are after.