Just Married fact sheet: writing personalised vows

considering writing your own vows?

The legal vows that you must say (your Celebrant will make sure you do) in order to be legally married in Australia are as follows:

“I call upon all here present

To witness that I [full legal name]

Take you [full legal name]

to be my lawful wedded husband/ wife/ spouse / partner]”

The addition of anything beyond these words is where you come in. You certainly don’t have to say anything more, and many couples don’t wish to, but if you are looking for help in writing vows consider these ideas:

  • Think about what marriage means to you, what are you committing to be for one another?
  • Think about what you are promising, in taking this step. Complete the sentence… ‘I promise …’ a few times and you will have the beginnings of your vows!
  • Think about what it is that makes you want to spend your life with this particular person
  • Think about why you fell in love in the first place
  • Don’t forget to have fun with it.

The above advice applies to all weddings, regardless of size or setting.

But with Just Married Weddings ceremonies in particular, consider  the fact that you have just a very small group of guests, probably those you know and love the most of anyone in the world. There’s no need to feel any pressure or nerves, there’s no ‘performance’ element to a small ceremony. You can really make it your own. If you like, you can say your vows just to each other and no one else even needs to hear them.

Don’t be shy –  we have seen it all! We’ve had couples sing their vows, write hilariously comical vows, speak their vows in their own languages, and even tattoo their vows.

It’s your moment, it’s your wedding and it’s really entirely up to you.