the Just Married Weddings difference

Just Married Weddings specializes in simple ceremonies.We are experts in elopements, micro-weddings and small weddings.A better alternative to a registry wedding.

are you a 'Just Married' couple?

There are certain kinds of couples who love a Just Married Weddings ceremony. Are you:

  • keen on simplicity and privacy?
  • tempted by a Registry Office wedding?
  • wanting a low fuss, cheap wedding?
  • in urgent need of a marriage visa?
  • thinking of eloping?
  • curious about the micro-wedding trend?
  • planning a ‘surprise we already got married’ reception?
  • private people, who don’t want a big fuss?
  • just wanting to ‘make it official’?

If you answered yes to just one of these, then a Just Married ceremony is perfect for you.

Just Married isn't for you if...

Just Married is tailored made to offer a special service to certain couples. If you are looking for any of these things Just Married isn’t the right fit for you:

  • a long ceremony
  • a wedding at a specific location you’ve already chosen (unless its one of these locations of course)
  • a big guest list (more than 20)
  • a very traditional wedding ceremony
  • an urgent ceremony (within 1 month from date of booking)