COVID19 and your ceremony - LOVE WILL PREVAIL
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let's JUST elope

there is nothing more romantic
than two lovers on an adventure
a moment for just US

Just Married Weddings .... the elopement experts

There’s nothing more romanitc on earth than two lovers on an adventure together, celebrating a moment that joins them, in the crazy adventure that is life.
At Just Married we love elopers and elopements as they capture the essence of what we stand for: a stunning outdoor location just two people (and maybe a few guests) and an intimate moment to make a promise of love.

A Just Married Weddings ceremony is a simple and intimate moment that ties two humans together in life.  We know you don’t need aisles and arches, bridesmaids and bubble blowers to make your wholehearted commitment to your beloved. 

You just need the two of you, a beautiful location and a celebrant to make it official. 

JUST two people in love…. Just US…. just LOVE…. JUST MARRIED