COVID19 and your ceremony - LOVE WILL PREVAIL
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JUST a beautiful marriage

we don't want to spend an arm and
a leg on the day
we want to start a life
together with savings in the bank

Here's a little secret we think you already know... getting married doesn't have to cost a fortune

You are one smart couple. You know that you don’t need to spend a fortune to begin a beautiful life together. All you need is love,  and in that regard you are millionares.
At Just Married we strip back the indulgence of traditional weddings and focus on love.  We are micro-wedding experts and we know that making a commitment can be special and memorable without costing an arm and a leg.  

Whether you are just too in love to wait until you’ve saved up any more, or you would prefer to buy a house, or start a family (or you already have), there are many reasons why some of our couples choose to embrace simplicity and minimalism.    
You can have a romantic and memorable wedding ceremony without the debt. The two of you  bring the love, the laughs and the lifetime commitment. We bring the legalities to make it all official.  All this taking place in one of our stunning locations with up to 20 of your family and friends and you will have a delightful ceremony, and still have savings in the bank. 

JUST two people in love….  JUST us …. JUST love …. JUST married