we believe thatlove is simple andthat there's beautyin that

Just Married Weddings was created to give couples the option of a simple, romantic, elegant, affordable and easy wedding ceremony.

We truly believe that a small ceremony can be magical, and that love, happiness and commitment isn’t reflected in the number of dollars you spend or the number of people you invite.
Getting married should be about you, your love and your life together. So we want to take the stress and expense out of the preparation and the wedding day.

We’ve performed thousands of weddings and we feel honored to be a part of every single one. Our celebrants truly love what they do. We still share a tear, or a laugh (or both) with all of our couples… and we know we have the best job in the world.

Read more below, or jump straight to the big questions we know you’re probably wondering about our little weddings.

we are intimate elopement style wedding ceremonies & are affordable for all love stories.we celebrate love in the beautiful outdoors of Australia and share the moment with no more than 18 guests.we are not arbours, doves, aisles or confetti.we are a moment uniting two lovers. we are JUST MARRIED WEDDINGS, nothing fancy ... just love.

what sets just married apart from the rest?

A few of the ways we make your wedding simple, easy and fun:

  • Online bookings
  • No interviews required
  • Only the best celebrants
  • International residents welcome
  • Exclusive Just Married Weddings online NOIM
  • Unbeatable ceremony locations
  • Exceptional deals with our exclusive photography partners
  • Official certificate included (NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT only)
  • Same day wedding registration
  • Juts $450 – ceremonies available seven days a week, weekdays, evenings and weekends – no weekend surcharges

is a just married wedding right for you?

At Just Married Weddings we are not for everyone, and we are okay with that.
You’ve found your special someone…. what are you thinking now?

simple, romantic & affordable ceremonies

we are JUST MARRIED WEDDINGS. nothing fancy . . . .
just love.

how does just married compare to the registry office/a registry marriage?

A registry wedding ceremony (or registry marriage as is it sometimes known) is usually a couple’s first idea when looking for a simple way to get married. However, you may be surprised to know there are alternatives to the registry office. The process for a registry wedding ceremony / registry marriage varies from state to state, but it’s not always as cheap and easy as you might expect. Most of the time an interview at the registry office is required at least a month before the wedding date, which makes it very hard to plan from overseas. Some big ways we make it easier for couples:

  • More affordable than a registry wedding ceremony
  • No interviews required (no need to go to a registry office at all)
  • Marriage certificate included in all our packages*
  • Beautiful beaches, parks, gardens etc – instead of a government office
  • Friendly, personal service
  • Appointments available seven days a week, weekdays, evenings and weekends – no weekend surcharges

* except SA, WA & TAS- where only the couple can apply for Marriage Certificate

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how does just married compare to other ways of getting married?

At Just Married Weddings we are experts in simple wedding ceremonies and elopements, so that couples who want this kind of wedding can benefit from our expertise, as this is all we do. Some ways Just Married Weddings is different:

  • We have mastered the streamlined approach – you won’t need to meet with us in advance, conduct rehearsals etc
  • We have picked the best celebrants in each of our locations – so you don’t have to worry – only fun, friendly, smart and professional celebrants, highly sought after in their locations and with the added security of a whole team behind them to look after you.
  • We know the best locations – Just Married Weddings has taken the leg work out of your location scouting
  • We understand the visa / residency process – if you need proof of your wedding plans for any reason, we understand and know exactly what to provide for your immigration/ residency needs.
  • Friendly, personal service
  • Availability 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year

our why

we believe marriage is about love and love is not defined by money.

we exist to celebrate simple stories of love.

to strip away the white noise of traditional weddings and bring it back to the raw emotion and promise of two lovers…. and let that speak for itself.