COVID19 and your ceremony - LOVE WILL PREVAIL
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JUST the legals thanks

signed, sealed and delivered...

we don't want any fuss, JUST the legals

We know not everyone needs anything more than the official paperwork from us.    Maybe you made your emotional commitment to one another years ago and just want to make it official – you feel like you’ve been married for years anyway. 
Maybe you’re having a destination wedding somewhere amazing overseas (lucky you!)  and want to do the legals in Aus before you go.   Maybe you will have a cultural ceremony but the paperwork isn’t part of that.
We can totally get you hitched without any drama or fuss. We make it quick and easy.   You’ll be officially married under Australian law, and registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages.    We promise not to make a big deal if you don’t want us to  (we love weddings but we can be totally chill, promise). 


JUST the legals … JUST married.