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The Humans of Just Married Weddings

Just Married Weddings provides a streamlined, easy planning process...
but there are real humans behind the website to look after you every step of the way.
Most importantly, on the day you will be looked after by one of the Just Married Weddings celebrants. All highly sought after, experienced and well loved celebrants, one of these ladies will take care of you on your wedding day.

Founder and Celebrant.

Carly has been a Civil Marriage Celebrant for over eight years and founded Just Married Weddings in 2016.

Carly was a lawyer in a former life. She loves every aspect of being a Celebrant and looking after all the Just Married Weddings couples.

Carly got married in 2012 and lives on the North Shore with her hubby and two little humans

Locations: Harbour-Side (Sydney) | Western Sydney Park (Homebush) | Inner-West Park (Sydney) | North Shore Park (Sydney) | Eastern Suburbs Beach (Sydney) | Northern Beaches (Sydney) | Wollongong | Penrith (Sydney) | Sydney Office


Nadine recently joined Just Married Weddings as her love for all things wedding related needed a new outlet.

Nadine has a background in musical theatre and so is comfortable in front of a crowd. Her warmth and vibrancy bring a special spark to every ceremony.

Nadine lives on the Northern Beaches with her family.

Locations: Harbour-Side (Sydney) | Western Sydney Park (Homebush) | North Shore Park (Sydney) | Northern Beaches (Sydney)


Jess is a warm and friendly celebrant who will always do her best to make couples feel calm but excited on their special day.
Jess is in her element working with Just Married Weddings as she loves meeting couples and hearing their love stories!
Jess lives on the Brisbane Bayside with her husband, two children and dogs.

Locations: Brisbane Riverside Park


Kate is a romantic and a lover of love (of course not in a corny way). She's very zen, with a background in meditation, and is committed to helping people.

Kate's warm and friendly nature and professional touch make her the perfect Just Married Weddings celebrant. She loves working with couples to make their day fun and memorable.

Locations: Harbour-Side (Sydney) | Inner-West Park (Sydney) | Western Sydney Park (Homebush) | North Shore Park (Sydney) | Northern Beaches (Sydney)


For Yariet, being a celebrant is a true expression of who she is and what she stands for. Her love for people makes her easy to connect with and her professional but easy going nature will make your wedding day a memory that you will NEVER forget. She loves eating Nutella, bush walking, taking photos and listening to live music.

Locations: Melbourne


Gemma's open, honest and fun personality make her the perfect wedding celebrant. Couples will always feel at home with Gemma looking after them... as she genuinely enjoys meeting every new couple and creating memorable moments for them on their big day.

Locations: Canberra


Victoria is a dedicated celebrant who takes great pride in looking after couples who decide to get married in her beautiful home town of Byron Bay.
Victoria is an enthusiastic and fun celebrant who is just perfect for a relaxed and romantic beach ceremony.

Locations: Byron Bay


Shelli, the 'Shellibrant' (as she was dubbed by her first couple) found LOVE in becoming a celebrant.

Shelli finds joy, happiness and satisfaction in her role as a celebrant and loves sharing these moments with couples on their special day.

Shelli lives in Canberra and Sydney, so she spreads love across two states.

Locations: Harbour-Side (Sydney) | Canberra | Eastern Suburbs Beach (Sydney)