COVID19 and your ceremony - LOVE WILL PREVAIL
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we JUST want to be together

so many obstacles to overcome
so that we can live together
true love finds a way

visa processes are stressful ... getting married doesn't have to be

We have had the joy of looking  after lots of long distance lovers just trying to jump through all the hoops required to prove their love.  
You were born thousands of miles apart, but you found one another and now you’re never letting go. 
We know you just want to be together, forever, in the same country. You probably didn’t want to get married in such a rush, but now you have to make it offical fast. 

You managed to find each other, we want to help keep you together. 

We make getting married easy, so you can tie the knot, make it official and live happily ever after… 

To help you on your way we make booking quick and easy – you can book online, from anywhere in the world. You don’t need a meeting or an interview before your ceremony. If you book today and can get your NOIM form in on time, you can get married a month from today. We will provide  a visa letter if you need it and we will register your marriage as speedily as possible. We really want you to be able to relax and enjoy your I Do’s as we know you have a lot of other life admin taking up your time and causing you stress and expense at this time in your lives. 
You have only been through this once, but we have been through it hundreds of times. Let us make it easier for you. 

We JUST want to be together …. Just US…. just LOVE…. JUST MARRIED