Ipswich (Brisbane)

Queens Park

Queens Park, Ipswich, is a stunning high-end park in the southwest of Brisbane.  Very glamorous and picturesque, it’s the most perfect place to say I do.

Location highlights: There’s something for everyone in this stunning park. Very well-maintained gardens and lawns, the perfect setting for a romantic and intimate ceremony. Your photographer will love it if you choose this spot – there are so many different places to capture some amazing shots of you and your loved ones.

Local features: Ipswich has a vibrant buzz about it, and Queens Park is its glorious heart – conveniently location right in the middle of everything.

Important things to note:  This is a good option to consider if getting married in summer as there is ample shade.

Other locations to consider: If you’re looking for other locations in Brisbane, closer to the city or the coast, check out our riverside, seaside and west end options.