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About Just Married Weddings

You can have a Registry Office style wedding in a beautiful location.
The whole process can be simple, easy and affordable.
You can Just get married.
With Just Married.
  • It really couldn't be easier.
  • 1) Book your ceremony appointment
  • 2) Complete and return the NOIM* and make your payment
  • 3) Attend your ceremony appointment to say "I do"
  • 4) Live Happily Ever After
  • * The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) is the form all couples have to complete to be allowed to be married in Australia. We will walk you through this step by step.

We make it easy.

Just Married offers all the simplicity and affordability of a Government Registry Office wedding (known as a Registry Marriage) - but we make it easier and more cost effective...

and ... more beautiful, more memorable and more special...

Most people know in Australia you can get married in a church, in a park with a celebrant, or in a Registry Office by a government official. The church and the park weddings normally cost a fortune, and the Registry Marriage wedding normally feels very sterile and unromantic.

With Just Married you can have your wedding cake and eat it too. You can choose affordable and not compromise on location.

You can avoid the fuss, drama and expense of a typical Aussie wedding, and get married in an intimate, simple, ceremony in one of the great locations. For less than you would pay to get married in a Births, Death and Marriages Registry Office wedding!

You can bring along whomever you like, dress however you like, and say whatever you like....

Perfect too for couples who are eloping in Australia - you do not have to be Australian residents and there are no pre-ceremony appointments.

You won't wait in any lines, feel like a number, or see the inside of any gloomy government offices as you would in a typical Registry Marriage...

You will be legally married. Just Married. Your way.